Thomas Power was born in the southeast of Ireland in the town of Waterford. At 21, after six years in aprecticeship training at a cabinetmakers workshop, he left Waterford and came to Amsterdam to start his own furnature making business. His training and experience would serve as a useful stepping stone when, a few years later, he would be introuced to the art of harpsichord making. Art was Thomas' passion from an early age, and his entry into harpsichord making came at a time which coincided with a resurgence in instrument making in Amsterdam. He visited many instrument workshops in Amsterdam and elsewhere and he began to work closely with some of the best Harpsichord makers of the time. Thomas' furnature workshop was to evolve over a period of a few years and many instruments into the harpsichord workshop that it is today. It is here that he lives with his wife, Ria.


If you would like to visit our workshop and see the way we build our instruments and play the harpsichords that we have in our show room and studio you are welcome. It is also possible to follow a workshop in harpsichord building, maintenance, regulating and repair.


The Apartment is located adjoining the workshop on the Prinseneiland, a beautiful and historical part of Amsterdam, 10 minutes walk from Centraal Station. Talk to us about stay&play or stay&build options!  







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